Why Choose Us?

It’s important to know that the care you’re giving your family is solid, compassionate, and always on point. That’s us.

We’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and cared for. You’ll have a shorter wait time and much less expensive visit than any trip to the ER. And we accept most types of insurance. (If you’re not sure about yours, call us.)  We also gladly work with self-pay patients.

Most of all, we’re all here because we want to be – we hire friendly people who know their stuff, and who care about the health of your family as much as you do. You can get your X-rays done here (which many urgent care centers don’t have).

We’re open every day, and we’re in a convenient location so it’s easy to find us. Keep us on your speed dial – when you need us, we’re here.