Urgent Care or Emergency Room

When there’s a health issue going on, many people drive straight to the ER. And it’s true, it’s a guaranteed place to get immediate care.

But if their condition isn’t truly an emergency, they get there and wait for hours just to see a doctor. And then they get the bill in the mail from their insurance.

It’s a little known fact that an ER visit often has very high deductibles and copays, and some health plans won’t even cover the ER visit unless the reason for the visit was life or limb threatening.

That’s enough to make you catch your breath! And it’s the same reason why it’s good to know about urgent care centers.

In most cases, an urgent care center is the trick to being seen for more serious conditions that aren’t life-threatening. For example, a really bad sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, a fever that doesn’t have a rash, a sprain, painful urination, asthma, or even broken bones in the wrists, hands, ankles or feet.

If it’s a true emergency, stick to the ER. For example, if you’re having chest pain or you think you might be having a stroke, get yourself there right away. Same thing for shortness of breath or any symptoms of a heart attack, losing your balance, or pain or swelling in the testicular region. And then there’s the obvious stuff like head and eye injuries or severe cuts that need stitches, vision loss, seizures, babies who have fevers, bleeding during pregnancy, a serious burn, vomiting that won’t stop, or any kind of very serious pain.

The list goes even longer, so we’ll just give you a general rule: If you’re in doubt, call the ER.

But otherwise, an urgent care center will save you time, money and headache. And it can even be a good experience. That’s what we aim for.